Sweet Reverie

The inspiration for our Sweet Reverie S/S21 collection has come from my lifelong passion for nature, woodland, and all things floral which is why every piece in our collection is named after a beautiful flower. As long as I can remember I have always loved flowers, and there is always an abundance of fresh flowers in our home.

Living in the countryside inspires me beyond belief. Being able to pick wild flowers with Luna from our own beautiful garden or on our walks in the local woods is something I cherish. I wanted to incorporate this into my designs, with intricate lace details and subtle shades that depict flowers of the season.

My husband's passion for sweet and fragrant, colourful garden roses as well as my mother-in-law's beautiful English garden shines through the style of our Spring/Summer collection. The beauty of flowers and nature reminds me of a fairytale. I believe much of our life owes its heritage to our fairytales so we never outlive them but embody their essence and pass it down to future generations, our children! Just how we envision with our designs to be.

I’m grateful to be with people who allow me to blossom on a daily basis.

With Love

Eva and Luna

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