The history of linen can be traced right back to the Ancient Egyptians, who valued linen so much that they even used it as a currency. As such linen was only usually worn and used by those in upper classes and used to be associated with royalty as it was expensive fabric to buy and wear.
Linen is a wonderful fabric, and it has a huge number of advantages. For example, linen is a totally sustainable fabric created of completely natural material, as well as being completely biodegradable. There is no wonder why we choose to use this fabric throughout our collections.
Linen is a sustainable fabric and is made from very fine fibres, derived from the flax plant. These fibres are carefully extracted, spun into yard, and then woven into long sheets of comfortable, durable fabrics.
As well as this, linen is lightweight, which makes it a perfect material that can be worn all year round. 
One of the biggest benefits of linen is that is entirely antibacterial. This means that harmful bacteria and other germs have a difficult time surviving within the fine and closely woven fibres, making linen a highly desirable fabric. 
Like cotton, linen can also be washed easily either by hand wash in the washing machine. Unlike many other fabrics, linen gets softer the more it is washed.