Vivessence by Luna uses British Wool to create our limited edition pieces for our collections. All our fabrics are hand picked and natural to provide the ultimate luxury children's wear items.
Wool is a natural hair-like fibre produced year-round by various animals. 
Wool fibre consists of natural protein called keratin. Keratin biodegrades, like protein found in human hair, and plays an important role in the composition of many related organic materials. 
Proteins are responsible for much of wool’s physical properties, such a resilience and elasticity. This is what allows it to stretch without breaking, bounce back into shape, and keep performing through extreme conditions. 
Due to wool’s natural origin, it’s recyclable and biodegradable. It can decompose in soil within only a year, and at the same time it gradually releases the natural fertilising nitrogen nutrients back into the ground. By contrast, synthetic fibres can take mane decades to decay, potentially polluting and damaging the environment. At Vivessence by Luna we like to be eco friendly with all our fabrics and packaging.
Wool is also a fully renewable fibre, because sheep produce new fleece every year with the animals being typically sheared once a year. This helps them be more comfortable during the warmer months. Sheep then regrow their coat over the course of the next months to be ready in time for the cooler weather. 
Wool is durable, breathable, fire-resistant, odour-resistant, insulating and moisture-absorbing. 
Items made from wool can keep you dry and at a comfortable temperature, regardless of the weather. We love using wool in our collections.