Woodland Collection

Our A/W20 Woodland Collection of children's clothes tells the tale of nature in it’s truest form. Combining hand made designs with eye catching, fairytale inspired fabrics that tell their own story. From an enchanting past to a dreamy present with a heavenly, yet traditional feel.
Our vintage style shines through with timeless collared dress for girls and unisex rompers for babies. Our fabrics are all hand sourced and available in earthy colours to create a unique collection of baby and children clothes for boys and for girls. Our children's wear collection is hand made with love in England and is not mass produced.

Our vintage style shines through with distinctive timeless silhouettes, hand sourced fabrics and earthy colour palettes for boys and for girls. Our bespoke baby clothes collection ranges from elegant collared dresses for girls to classic unisex baby rompers. It combines an abundance of craftsmanship, classic designs and a luxurious feel with the everyday practicality that children’s clothes should have, retaining a unique sense in style and colour.

Our baby clothes collection can be enjoyed by all and passed down through generations to come. From the moment you stumble across our website our aim is to create a unique experience when shopping with us.

Whether you’re a mother shopping for your child, or a grandparent shopping for a special gift, our signature styles will resonate along the way. From purchasing your favourite item, to our personalised embroidery service, to gifting and finally styling, you will embody the heritage of Vivessence by Luna and experience the essence of living.

Our exquisite collection is hand made with love in Enlgand, and will be perfect for any occasion.